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gifts for him

Choosing the right gifts for him can drive any woman crazy. Let’s face it, men are hard to buy for and don’t always drop hints the way the ladies do regarding things they like or would enjoy having. Think about the guy and the things he enjoys when thinking gifts.

Women tend to not want a practical gift item like a toaster or electric skillet. Men think things like that are entirely acceptable gifts. That’s why men love gifts like cordless drills or new electric shavers. Men see practical gifts as things they would have purchased anyway and your gesture just took the task off their hands. To them it is a win/win scenario. So, men are more likely to enjoy a plug-in car cigarette lighter coffee warmer than a woman would be.

An edgier man warrants a more cutting edge gift and gadget lovers would particularly enjoy electronics and techno gifts. The newest portable DVD player would thrill any guy. Imagine his face when he unwraps the player along with a boxed set of his favorite TV show. If he hasn’t got a PDA, that is a no-brainer. Find one that is compatible with his home and work computers, his digital camera and his cell phone. He will be completely ready to network to his heart’s content.

For the Daddy-on-the-go, how about a new masculine backpack style diaper bag. Sure, there are guys who don’t mind carrying their little Isabella’s daisy themed diaper caddy complete with bow-tie, but those who don’t could be in a pinch if they aren’t completely equipped for the biggest of baby bumbles. A jogging stroller is also a good idea. It will give him a chance to bond with the kids while still maintaining optimum health.

If your man likes to cook, try finding cookbooks which cater to his favorite style of cooking or his favorite ingredients. If he is a gourmet, try a variety of specialty oils from high-end olive to truffle to those infused with various flavors. Maybe he would like a wooden bowl (which will last forever) with a matching salad fork and paddle set or a new knife block complete with two or three chef’s knives. A new set of oven-proof skillets or a fondue pot could make him go into a never-ending cooking frenzy. A gent who enjoys a great cookout will be thrilled with a galvanized tub (to hold his iced beer later) filled with spice rubs, bar-be-que tools, grill accessories and a six-pack of novelty beer.

A handy-man opens up a completely different world of potential gifts. Tools of any sort can be incredibly popular gifts, but what about combining tools of a similar theme or choose a home-improvement project he’s been wanting to take on that you could help him with, get the tools and the materials needed and maybe a cute pink work belt for yourself too?

Most guys aren’t picky about gifts. They will like just about anything if it suits their personality and their needs. Think about the guy as an individual when shopping and see if you can gift him with something that would allow you to spend time together in an activity. Gifts for him don’t have to be as hard as we girls make them out to be.

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