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Gifts for college students

When a kid leaves for college, it's really the first time in his or her life that they need some practical gifts. Check out these practical gifts for college students that will help the kid out while bringing style to the room.

Decorative Accessories

Dorm rooms simply never have normal sized beds. Dorm beds aren't considered full beds because they're too narrow, but they're too long to be twin beds. The bottom line is, the sheets your kid has been using for the last 18 years of his or her life, are not going to fit on this bed. When you're considering gifts for college students, check out some dorm sheets. You can find these sheets at any department store. They actually fit the dorm bed and come in all different sizes and fabrics. While you're at it, pick up a study pillow. These large pillows have armrests and act as a back and arm support while you're kid's studying on the dorm floor. Dorms don't have a lot of room, so you need to create some space.

Speaking of limited space, look into getting a beanbag chair. These chairs are easy to store because they're pliable so your kid can put the chair away when it's not in use. You can usually find a beanbag chair that fits your kid's style be it hot pink or tie die. These gifts for college students can be practical and fun!

Help in the kitchen

Most dorm rooms don't have any kind of kitchen area. Well, they might have a mini fridge, a microwave and a sink, but that's about it. Hot plates are a thing of the past. They're too much of a fire hazard so they've been done away with. To make your kid's stay more bearable, get them some kitchen accessories so they can take a break from dorm food and feast in their room. Gifts for college students should include a set of basic plastic kitchenware — silverware, plates, bowels and cups.

A cereal dispenser is also one of many great gifts for college students. The dispenser can be placed anywhere in the room and your kid just has to turn it to get his or her cereal out. This will allow them to avoid going to the eating hall before class.

No one who lives in a dorm has room (or the inclination) to get a vacuum. Most kids have to ask their resident assistant for a vacuum, which is a pain. Get the college kid in your life a small little dust buster that can be tucked and charged in the corner of the room. These small products are little enough that they can be tucked away, but they're big enough that they can take care of a dorm floor. The student and his or her roommate will appreciate practical gifts for college students.

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