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Gifts for grandparents are a great way to let your grandparents know how much they're loved and thought of. Gifts for grandparents can be given for different reasons. First, they can be given in celebration of a holiday like Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day. Second they can be given in recognition of your grandparents' birthday, grandparents' day or their wedding anniversary. Finally gifts for grandparents can be given in recognition of that all-important occasion – the "just because" occasion. As you would imagine, the gifts vary based on who is doing the giving and what the giving is for. More specifically, if you are giving the gift to your grandparents then the gift will be a little bit more personal than if you were giving the gift to a friend who was a grandparent. I will explain below. Our grandparents are very special people to us and some of us are lucky to still have around. That being said our gifts for grandparents should be just as special as they are. First, let's think about the kind of people our grandparents are. What is it in particular that they like? Do they like to travel? In that case, send them on a trip. If you don't have "trip" money, then a theme dinner at a mystery theater would be nice. Does this still cost too much? Okay how about a nice bouquet with a generous mix of a variety of flowers like tulips, lilies, irises and a few carnations. If the gifts are coming from your children to their grandparents then have the children be creative and make something like a keychain that holds either their pictures or a family photo, or even a celebratory card or a jewelry box. Just about anything made for grandparents by their grandchildren fit the definition of buried treasure. Some selections of sentimental gifts for grandparents include a photo album filled with treasured memory events, a large portrait of the entire family, a locket with a family photo, a dinner or party in their honor and a trip to a destination they've always wanted to visit and just never had to chance to get to for one reason or another. Grandparents are special regardless of they are ours or someone else's. Either way let's make a point of relaying how special they are to us based on the gifts for grandparents we choose for them.

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