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Golden wedding anniversary gifts are a great way to celebrate a landmark wedding anniversary with friends and family members. Any wedding anniversary is a special occasion because it is a reminder of the commitment that the couple share with each other. It is a commitment that is not to be taken lightly. That being said the golden wedding anniversary should be set apart because it is unlike any other. It is the celebration of 50 years of marriage. In writing this article I came across several websites who sell various types of anniversary gifts. Some of them are specifically meant as golden wedding anniversary gifts so let’s look at a few. As the theme for this anniversary is gold, many of the gifts on are of the jewelry persuasion. For example, their showcase of golden wedding anniversary gifts includes pea in a pod necklace, embellished locket necklace, triple hearts necklace, mom and child nesting necklace, pearl and diamond earrings, cross necklace pendant, key to my heart diamond pendant and diamond eternity bracelet. These jewelry items range in price from $0 to $500.00. takes a different approach to golden wedding anniversary gifts. Instead of gold jewelry, they offer glassware items with a caption that says “set the mood for your anniversary celebration and a lasting keepsake to forever rekindle those special moments.” Their item is an anniversary diamond oil candle piece that prices at $79.00. takes yet another route for their golden wedding anniversary gifts. Theirs is in the form of crystal and other items. Specifically they offer vases, pearlized clocks, anniversary throws, clocks, and keepsake eternity photo albums. Finally, for golden wedding anniversary gifts that don’t quite fit the mold, offer framed share of real stock. They offer share ownership certificates from 75 different companies including Tiffany, US Gold and 1-800 Flowers. They also offer custom caricature portraits of the happy couple which is a fun way for the couple to see themselves. Regardless of how much you spend on the gift, the golden wedding anniversary is worth celebrating over and over again. So don’t miss the opportunity to share quality time with your friends and loved ones while basking in the glow of love with the happy couple. Let your golden wedding anniversary gifts tell the couple how much you appreciate their union and celebrate their love with them by sharing in the gift exchange process no matter what the gift is.

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