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gourmet food gift baskets

Gourmet food gift baskets are growing in popularity. Popular television cooking shows have brought gourmet items to the forefront of people’s minds and have opened their eyes to a whole new world of taste sensations.

Generally, the more cosmopolitan the individual, the more refined their tastes and the more trendy the foods they enjoy. If you are wanting to give a gift to someone who fits into this category, gourmet gift baskets are a fine way to go. You can offer them gourmet food items they may not have had the chance to enjoy yet or can give them some of their favorite things. For someone in this genre, you could include in your basket pate’, a small can of caviar, a unique bottle of wine, some cave aged cheese, truffle oil, smoked salmon or fine chocolates.

If your gift basket will be given to someone who does not have such a highly developed palate for gourmet foods but is willing to learn, you can build a basket for them based on things they already like and including one or two new items. Good quality cheeses are great to include. Varieties such as gruyere, havarti, herbed sheep’s milk cheeses and aged or smoked cheddars are excellent choices. Include a couple of mini bottles of wine in different styles, a higher end olive oil and maybe a couple of bottles of an unusual imported beer and you are set for a wonderful basket.

Beginners to gourmet flavors and textures can be overwhelmed by too many new things at one time. A great introduction to gourmet items would be to choose four or five good quality items which are not too exotic. Start with a smoked cheese like cheddar or mozzarella. These are basic flavors with which most people are familiar but have an interesting layer of additional flavor. Couple the cheese with a nice high end cracker. You can buy a bottle of wine which will pair nicely with the cheese and a wine guide to explain the art of pairing foods with wines so they will have a foundation to build upon. Gourmet food gift baskets can engulf gourmet beginners and it is best to tread lightly to avoid turning someone off to new taste experiences.

Catch the gourmet foods craze! You can give awesome gourmet food gift baskets within a reasonable budget. If you are choosy when you build your gourmet food gift baskets you will be a very popular person.

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