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The most distinctive of people deserves the most distinctive of gifts, so always consider giving gourmet gift baskets. These baskets can range from simple to sensational and can meet any price range. The choice is up to you, but a gourmet meat basket really sets the bar high.

Meats are a perfect item to add to any gourmet gift basket, so why not create a gift basket made up entirely of gourmet meats? These are more than your average steak or sausage. These meats are aged and cured with perfection in mind. There is little room in their development for anything outside of the best.

Traditions are great and if you are looking to follow a more traditional line, find some great beef to include in your gourmet meat basket. Porterhouse steaks are an American classic and always a great addition to any food gift. T-bones can also be considered, especially since t-bones are extremely flavorful. Filet mingon, especially when wrapped in bacon or proscuitto, can be a tasty treat. If you are really looking to wow the recipient, include two Japanese Kobe beef steaks and watch their eyes light up.

Smoked meats are fabulous for inclusion into a gourmet gift bakset. Specialty bacons are a great domestic choice. Bacon isn’t just for breakfast any more and comes in applewood smoked, hickory smoked, mesquite smoked, and peppercorn, just to name a few. You can also select from various types of smoked salmon. If you intend on selecting a smoked meat, be ready to do your homework.

A big game item is also an interesting addition to a basket. Bear, elk, venison (deer), or wild boar are all becoming more widely available to shoppers. Game meats sometimes require special handling and preparation, so plan to include a small cookbook for the variety you select.

You can also select from a long list of sausage styles. Imported sausages from Italy, Germany or Spain are wonderful. There are also sausages made from big game. You can select a sausage variety made locally in your area or from across the country, your choices are limited only to what you can conceive. Varieties to consider are knockwurst or bratwurst (German), breakfast styles made of non-traditional blends (wild boar, elk, venison, veal), andoule (Cajun), linguica (Spanish) or even ostrich sausages; the possibilities are endless.

Gourmet items for gift baskets can meet every budget and taste. Gourmet meats can be a special touch to any gift item. Choose meats carefully when putting together a gourmet gift basket.

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