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A gourmet food basket is an awesome gift to give to a friend or family member and it can be given for any number of reasons. For example a gourmet food basket can be given in celebration of a holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day, it can be given to recognize a particular occasion like someone's birthday or anniversary, it can be given as a housewarming gift, it can be given to warm someone's heart during a time of sympathy, a new baby or a specific achievement or it can be given just because you feel like it. Because the times vary during which you could give a gourmet food basket to a friend or family member, then obviously so does the size of the basket. If you are giving your gourmet food basket during a holiday season that it would be a nice touch if you could find holiday related items for your basket. For example, at Christmas time, you could include in your gift basket items like fruit cake, candy canes, cakes decorated in Christmas colored red, white and green icing and gourmet Christmas cookies. For Valentine's Day, your gourmet food basket could include gourmet chocolates wrapped in red, gourmet sugar cookies with red sprinkles or a red velvet cake. For the other occasions mentioned above, you have more liberty with items for your gourmet food basket. For example, you can include specialty pretzels, nuts, specialty popcorn of assorted flavors, cheese and crackers, wine, chocolate or yogurt covered raisins and marshmallows. Baked goods like assorted cookies, cakes, brownies and pastries are always a nice addition. If your gourmet food basket is being sent as a housewarming gift, you might want to include specialty meats or other meal items that the new homeowner can use in their kitchen like ham, chicken, potatoes, filet mignon, brisket, or Cornish hens. If you do plan to include items of this nature be sure they are packed in dry ice for proper storage. Finally please don't forget assorted chocolates – these add color and flavor to any gourmet food basket regardless of the time of year. These gift baskets can be put together by either you or a retailer who specializes in items of this nature. If you decide to hire a retailer, be sure and tell them what items you would like included. This would add more of a personal touch to your basket as well as a certain "you" flare.

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