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Groomsman Gift Ideas

Groomsman Gift Ideas

Coming up with non-cheesy groomsman gift ideas that your groomsmen will actually like is not difficult as long as you look for things that fall within their scope of interest.

Pocket gift ideas

You don’t have to get your groomsmen huge gifts such as golf bags or ticket to Vegas. No one expects to get gifts that are that elaborate and let's be honest, you can't afford to get each and every groomsman such a huge gift. So, when you start looking for groomsman gift ideas, look for things that they will use every day and won't take up a whole lot of space. Space can be a real issues if you're groomsman have to travel to your wedding via plane. Look for items that they can stick in their pocket and will use every day.

What does every guy carry in his pocket? A wallet or a money clip. Get your groomsmen nice, small leather wallets that they can put in their back pocket. These wallets usually come in brown or black. Some of these groomsman gift ideas have a clip attached to the back so the wallet can be clipped to the pocket. This is a good security feature for friends who tend to be…absent minded. Money clips are generally silver and can be engraved with your friend's initials. Some of the fancier money clips actually have a retractable knife so it acts as a money holder and a pocketknife.

Another great pocket present is the pocketknife. You can go for a traditional Swiss Army knife that has all of the classic features such as a nail file, scissors, small blade and toothpick, or you can go all out and get a deluxe version. These deluxe groomsman gift ideas usually include extra features such as a screwdriver tip, key ring and engraved panel.

Outdoor stuff

If your groomsmen enjoy being outside, get them some gift ideas that will accessorize their outdoor habits. A pocketknife is one idea, but what about a pocketknife that looks and functions like a flashlight? This type of knife is great because it allows the guy to see what he's cutting! Groomsman gift ideas that are great for outside also include the personal brand. You can actually buy a brand that has the guy's initials on it. These brands aren't actually used on live animals. They're used on dead animals — as in steak filets. Guys just love this gift because they can brand their steaks when they're hosting a cookout. There's something extremely attractive about a steak with your initials branded into it.

You can always get your guys coolers or other outdoor beer drinking accessories. These groomsman gift ideas always get used. Many of them can also represent the guy's favorite college team. You can find coolers, thermoses and mugs that have the team's logo on them. All of these groomsman gift ideas are popular and none of them are cheesy!

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