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handmade gift ideas

Gift giving occasions sometimes prompt people to give something handmade. If you want to present others with items that are handmade, but you're not sure what to create, Gift Baskets Remembered can help you come up with some great handmade gift ideas. If you are already a crafter of some sort, handmade gift ideas will probably come to you pretty easily. Knitters can grab yarn and sticks and create mittens, hats, scarves and blankets. Crocheters have the same advantage when it comes to creating a handmade gift with yarn. There are plenty of free patterns available on the internet to help get you started. If you want to be a little more adventurous, try knitted or crocheted jewelry. Beading is another way to come up with handmade gift ideas; it's hard not to be inspired by all the great shapes and colors that beads are available in. To start with something simple, buy some stretch cord and beads in a variety of colors and sizes. Lay them out on a worksurface and group together complimentary, or contrasting, beads. Braclets and necklaces can come together very quickly using this method. Soaps are a nice treat for the super busy mom that doesn't often get a chance to pamper herself. If you choose to make soaps, you will most likely find that other handmade gift ideas come to you during the process. Typically, if you make soaps, it is not a stretch to move in to bath salts and body washes. If you are looking for handmade gift ideas that are a little less time intensive to make, consider putting together coupon booklets for the recipient; offer things like "good for one night of free babysitting" or "good for one free cup of coffee and catch-up session." Tell the recipient they can "redeem" the coupons anytime they like. Another quick and easy project are handpainted glass jars; simply find some clear glass jars with lids and freehand polka-dots, daisies, or whatever is easy for you. Fill them with the recipients favorite candy and you've got a great gift ready to go. The beauty in handmade gifts is that no two are alike. Each one is handmade and designed by you, which gives them extra special meaning to the person who is receiving them. If you are overwhelmed by all the handmade gift ideas out there, just pick one or two and start with those; you will discover soon enough what you enjoy making and what you would rather leave to someone else.

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