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A holiday food gift is a great way to celebrate a holiday season with friends, family members and neighbors. When we think of the holidays, we think of Thanksgiving and Christmas however a holiday food gift can be used during Easter, New Year's and Valentine's Day. Regardless which holiday you use a holiday food gift to celebrate and recognize, it always qualifies as a unique gift option. As I mentioned above, this type of gift can be given to family members, friends or co-workers but what makes this particular type of gift so unique is the fact that you can tailor it to fit any holiday and I will explain what I mean a little later. The options available to you as items that can be included in a holiday food gift go on forever. This is true because a food gift can either be a food item bought at a store or it can be made by you, the gift giver. A holiday food gift can be anything from a box of chocolates to a package of gourmet crackers and cheese to gourmet nuts to a tin of gourmet popcorn in assorted flavors. Other examples of this type of gift idea include various kinds of baked goods like breads, cakes, cookies, brownies, pastries or pies. Additionally if you are giving a holiday food gift during Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can give a specific meat for the recipient's holiday meal like a ham, turkey, prime rib, Cornish hens or a whole chicken. During Easter, your gift items could include a type of fish (for those who may be fasting during the season of Lent), freshly baked hot cross buns, coconut buns or an assortment of fruit. Once you have the particular food item that you plan to present as your gift, you can then dress it up in packaging that represents the colors of the appropriate holiday season to which the gift applies. For example during Thanksgiving, the main colors we usually see are orange, yellow, red and white. So how cool would it be for you to wrap your gift in a wrapper containing these colors. If your holiday food gift is giving at Christmas time, it's a good idea to package your food gift in red, white and green, Valentine's Day gifts would of course be in red and white and Easter gifts could be packaged in bright vibrant colors depicting springtime.

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