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homemade christmas gift ideas

Homemade Christmas gift ideas can sometimes perplex even the most savvy crafter or baker. If you find yourself opting for homemade Christmas gifts, you may have run your course of ideas after a few years and may be looking to refresh your repertoire. Consider trends and things you will enjoy doing and know that if you intend on giving homemade items you’ll have to start well ahead of the Christmas season to have your gifts ready on time.

Crafters can make just about anything from simple floral wreaths to free-form metal sculpture. Any person being given a handmade item can appreciate the beauty and time put into their gift, but is it a gift which suits the recipient? If you plan to include someone on your gift list, make notes from time to time on their tastes and styles. Notice what artistic items they are prone to pay attention to. That way, you can gear your gifts toward each person as an individual. You can still crochet Afghans, but you can select colors for your giftees they will love so your gift will be used and appreciated.

If you are a whiz in the kitchen, cook with love! Your Christmas gift idea could be to bake, so plan on a pretty uniform gift technique for each person you are giving to. You might want to spice up your recipes a bit and try unique flavors and to infuse trendy ethnic foods into your items. Read up on new baking techniques and steer away from your normal zucchini bread, aiming more for pineapple empanadas or peach-mango muffins. When you do bake, try to accompany your breads, biscuits and cookies with homemade jellies or jams or flavor-infused honey. An easy addition to your food items would be flavored sugars such as vanilla sugar.

Christmas is the perfect time for baking, but if cooking at holiday time is not an option due to time constraints, consider making baker’s jars filled with dry items from your favorite cookie recipes layered into large canning jars. You simply add all the pre-measured dry ingredients from flour to candy chips in layers using funnels, place on the metal lid, cover it with a swatch of fabric, twist on the ring and tie the jar with raffia or a festive bow. You should attach the recipe and note which moist items like eggs or vanilla the recipient should add. Additional touches like whisks or wooden spoons are a very nice touch. These can also be made as chai tea blends, hot chocolate mixes, specialty pancake mixes with dried fruit and nuts, muffin mixes or cakes.

If art is right up your alley, most people you gift will already know your style, but do you know theirs? Giving sculptures or paintings are always appropriate, but try to make their theme in keeping with the tastes of your recipients. Families with young children might love your nudes, but are they appropriate for display in the den where the children watch movies? Is your charcoal of a hunter and his prey too emotional a display for a young person or an adult with a squeamish nature? Gear your art to the person you intend on giving it to. The best art is that which can be displayed and appreciated and not stored away in a closet.

Use homemade Christmas gifts as tokens of your love and appreciation of the people on your gift list. A little creativity and careful planning can help you with your homemade Christmas gift ideas.

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