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hostess gifts

Hostess gifts are always a necessity for any party occasion. How do you know what to give a hostess? Well, there are a few standard items which are sure to please any hostess.

Wine is perhaps the most common hostess gift. Common does not mean ordinary, because the world of wines can bring out some wonderful surprises from every price range. A simple bottle of wine tells a hostess that you appreciate her hospitality and appreciate her consideration of you for the invitation, as well as the hard work she has put into her event. If you know the menu ahead of time, it is a wonderful gesture to select a bottle which compliments the food selections. To add to the gift, think of adding a lovely corkscrew, bottle stopper or pair of glasses. Your hostess will be flattered at your thoughtfulness.

Small confections and chocolates are a great hostess gift. Giving items like these give her a chance to share with her guests or save them for later. They are available in every price range and can be gift wrapped to add style and elegance to a favorite food treat.

If you are looking for hostess gifts which are a bit more upscale, gift baskets are always appropriate. Most baskets can be prepared with a specific theme in mind or certain styles, so you’ll want to ensure that you select the right basket for your hostess. Wine and candies can be incorporated into any basket as well. If you know your hostess loved her vacation to Tuscany, Italy make sure you think of items to remind her of her travels. Incorporate a bottle of wine, some imported licorice, a Tuscan-style cookbook and some imported pasta for a mini-vacation. For the photo enthusiast, you could include a package of photo paper for her printer, some new batteries, a pair of picture frames and a small book on photography.

For the hostess who loves to spend time in the kitchen, accessories for the kitchen would be appropriate. Make sure you know that the items you select will be in keeping with her kitchen style and her cooking style. If she uses influences from certain types of cooking or ethnic cooking, you can shop in specialty markets to find new and interesting items she may not already have.

Never arrive empty-handed for any occasion. Bringing hostess gifts speaks volumes to your hostess and tells her that you will always be a wonderful member of her guest lists for any event.

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