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italian gift baskets

Do you know someone that needs a vacation or has talked about traveling to Europe for as long as you've known them? Now you can help them take that little vacation to the country shaped like a boot, without ever leaving their kitchen. So just how do you bring the feeling of Italy to someone's doorstep? Present them with italian gift baskets and bring the old world style and charm to them so they can enjoy a little bit of Italy right in their own kitchen. The natural tendency for italian gift baskets is to fill them with wine and cheeses. To get wine, you of course need grapes; another great addition to italian gift baskets. Throw in olives and meats and you have the perfect snack basket. The narrow cobblestone streets of Venice with the breeze blowing in your hair from the canals will come flowing through the kitchen. When sipping on a good wine and sampling some great and hard to find cheese, you can almost feel Venice under your feet. Another great option for italian gift baskets is to package an entire italian meal and deliver it to the lucky recipient. Let them get their entire clan together and they can start off with an appetizer of grapes, cheese and bread with herbed olive dipping oil. Follow with a salad and a fancy vinaigrette dressing and then introduce a great pasta and a delicious sauce. Since you can't end the meal with gelato, you'll need to choose another, just as acceptable ending. Try biscotti and cappuccino and you'll get nothing but rave reviews for this basket! Put together italian gift baskets with postcards and coffee table books about the country. Bottle stoppers topped with Murano glass along with several bottles of white or red would make it complete. Small glass bracelets and beautiful shawls with beaded fringe are sold in all the little shops along their streets. If you package this with a cd of music that is played at the Piazza san Marco, you can create an image in their mind that will make it seem as though they are there. Whatever your choose, italian gift baskets are an exceptional gift. Everyone deserves a mini-vacation and this is a sure fire way to make one happen. After seeing the pleasure on the recipients face, you may even decide that you need one for yourself. Nothing says "Gratzie" like italian gift baskets.

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