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Last minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas wouldn't exist if we were all responsible enough to remember friend's and relative's birthdays. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in our daily lives that these very important dates sometimes slip our minds.

Easy gifts

When you're running around trying to find last minute gift ideas simplicity is key. The easiest gift to purchase is the gift card. These days you can get gift cards to almost any store or restaurant. The great thing about gift cards is that they're so general. You don’t have to know exactly what that person wants for their birthday. You simply have to have a general idea of what they like.

Last minute gift ideas for out of town or visiting guests can be purchased at your local state store. Every local community has a small store that carries stuff that represents their state. They have magnets, sweatshirts, hats, calendars, key chains, coffee mugs, picture frames and many other things that represent the state. Out of towners always love these gifts because they're unique to that region.

OK. We've covered adults, but what about kids? If you're child accidentally tells you that so-and-sos birthday is tonight, grab a card, about $25 and some candy and put it in a colorful bags. Kids of all ages will appreciate these last minute gift ideas. Kids love sweets and they love having money because it makes them feel like a gorwn up. As an added bonus, they can use the money to get something they really want.

Save yourself from embarrassment

Have you ever been talking to one of your friends and they casually mention that their birthday's today, a detail that you've completely forgotten? This is an absolutely horrifying situation. Hopefully it never happens to you, but if it does, be prepared. Pick up some last minute gift ideas every time you go to the store. When you're cruising down the aisles and you find something small that you like (stickers, a letter opener, a small kitchen accessory) throw it in your cart. That way, you'll always have some kind of gift on hand to grab any time you need last minute gift ideas. Make sure the you pick up a variety of different gifts so you can be prepared for men, women and children's birthdays.

You should also have some cards on hand. This will make it appear that you actually had the whole gift planned out. A stand alone gift looks rushed, but a gift with a card looks like you went out and bought the two especially for your friend. Every time you go to the store, take a quick walk through the card aisle and see if any cards are on sale. If there are, pick up a few and stash them away for these kinds of situations. Last minute gift ideas are not bad as long as you're prepared.

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