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licorice gift baskets

Licorice gift baskets send tender messages of love, longing, recovery, and sympathy. Licorice gift baskets convey heartfelt support and caring to friends and loved ones even if you’re far away from them. These presents let them know they’ve been remembered and worth the compassion. Licorice gift baskets decorated with chocolate chip cookies, brownies, deluxe candy cookies, or oatmeal cookies will surely brighten any friend’s, colleague’s, or a relative’s, otherwise gloomy day. Looking for an affectionate present for a dear friend who has an upcoming birthday? Licorice gift baskets of white cheddar popcorn, butter flavored dipping pretzels, monteray nacho chips, sweet & sour candies, assorted licorice, chunky gourmet salsa, assorted honey sweet peanuts, and assorted Ghirardelli chocolates will surely bring delight in a decoratively arranged, colorful birthday gift box. Maybe you’ve been looking for gifts to jazz up the ultimate picnic? Licorice gift baskets filled with sumptuous edibles will do the trick! is one of the emerging merchants offering delectable licorice gift baskets, among others. One such gift from includes an 8oz ham, beef salami, beef summer sausage, pecan cookies, cheddar flavored dipping pretzels, butter flavored dipping pretzels, Port Salut cheese, creamy vegetable spread, Parmesan bruschetta crisps, a 16oz sparkling apple cider, pimento stuffed olives, grained mustard, Alsorts licorice, chocolate vanilla marble sponge cake, gourmet trail mix, deluxe mixed nuts, a tin of cherry sours, buttery pretzels, deluxe snack mix, white cheddar popcorn, chocolate cherry delights, chocolate mint delights, roasted garlic bruschetta crisps, and baguette breadsticks in a fabric lined picnic hamper with place settings. How about a basket of sumptuous buttercream cookies shaped like tulips to brighten anyone’s day? Or maybe you’re looking another way to saying “I care,” aside from giving flowers? Send them a cookie bouquet of red roses that they can eat.’s own brand of gift baskets are prepared fresh and decorated by hand daily. They are beautifully arranged in a decorative display case, carefully packaged to ensure a safe trip, and delivered to the door as fresh as can be. also offers other gourmet food baskets, housewarming gifts, new baby gifts, wedding and anniversary gifts, tortes and cheesecakes, birthday gifts, lollipop bouquets, chocolate gift baskets, and gourmet coffee and tea baskets. A gift basket and its meaning have come a long way. These baskets have evolved from being seen just as decorations, but also as a symbol for sharing and caring relationship between and among people. Licorice gift baskets even take these packages to a higher level, catering to more specific needs and occasions, but still living up to their legacy – to reach out and brighten up people’s lives.

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