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movie basket 0322

Movie gift baskets A movie gift basket is a perfect gift for any occasion and all ages. Give your basket as a gift for birthdays, get well, housewarming, or just to say thank you. Here are tips for creating a great movie gift basket that will surely be a hit. Movie fans generally own many movies. If you are going to include a movie in your basket, find out what movies they already own. You can even find out what movie they may have recently seen but don't own yet. If you can't decide which movie to choose, you can include gift cards to a local movie rental store or cinema. Once you have chosen a movie, build a theme for your basket. If your movie fan loves dramas, include the book the movie was based on and a box of kleenex if tears are sure to fall. Does your movie fan like Spiderman? Include the set of new Spiderman movies, a comic book, and other Spiderman gifts. Other items you can include are movie soundtracks and movie posters. If you are making a children's movie basket you can include toys, coloring books, and stickers from the movie and the fun will continue after the movie has ended. Any real movie gift basket is not complete without snacks. Fill your basket with popcorn and popcorn seasoning, caramel corn, candy, and favorite drinks. Include popcorn or snack bowls that have been personalized. Candy can be purchased in boxes similar to the ones sold in the movie theater. Tortilla chips, jalapenos, and nacho cheese can be added as a nacho kit. You can even include gift cards for pizza delivery. When packaging your items for gift giving, consider using a large popcorn bowl instead of a traditional basket. You can even use extra large popcorn boxes. Place a faux movie reel in the back of the basket and then add the movies. Fill in around the movies with the snacks. If you opted for gift cards, tape them to the faux movie reel to assure they do not get lost. Finish your basket off by wrapping in cellophane and tying with real film. Movie gift baskets are great for any occasion. Add a special touch with personalized items. If you put thought into the movie choices and other gifts and snacks, your basket will get "two thumbs up" from the harshest movie critic.

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