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neighbor gift ideas

When someone new moves in to your neighborhood, it is nice to bring them a gift to welcome them to your community; but what are some good neighbor gift ideas that will be simple and quick to come up with? If you are stumped as to what to bring your new neighbor, Gift Baskets Remembered can help you come up with great neighbor gift ideas. One of the easiest treats to give your new neighbors is a pre-made gift basket. Choose from an expansive selection available on our website, or search the internet for housewarming gift baskets to see what you come up with. Most housewarming gift baskets are food inspired and the gift of food is always welcome, especially in the first weeks of owning a new home when people are still living out of boxes and nothing is put away quite right. Chocolate is always a delicious option when thinking of neighbor gift ideas. Who doesn't enjoy the bittersweet taste of dark Godiva chocolate or a mug of tasty cocoa at the end of unpacking? Fill a gift basket with all different chocolate treats including chocolate covered strawberries, peppermint sticks for the cocoa and cookies; your new neighbors will thank you every time they see you on the street. Neighbor gift ideas can also include some less traditional offerings, such as showing up and offering to buy pizza and helping them unpack. Swing by with a bottle of wine and a basket of cheese and crackers; if there are children involved, offer to host a play date while they take a few hours to just relax. Hosting an impromptu get together with others in the neighborhood would also be a nice idea, so that everyone can meet the new residents. Handmade stationary is a beautiful gift to give; some neighbor gift ideas in this category might include note cards or personalized stationary. When it comes time to write thank you's for all the wonderful gifts they've received, it will be nice to have beautiful stationary on hand. If there are certain events that happen in your neighborhood every year, such as block parties, include a small pocket calendar with the dates noted so they'll feel like they're already part of the group. Moving in to a new neighborhood can be a stressful event. Not only does it involve moving all of your belongings, it also involves meeting all new people. Coming up with some neighbor gift ideas, whether they be individually or with a group of other neighborhood people, can be a satisfying and fun way to welcome newcomers.

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