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A new baby gift basket is a wonderful way to celebrate the miracle of life when a friend, family member or co-worker is expecting a new bundle of joy. A new baby gift basket is unique in its own way because it requires thought and effort to put it together. These baskets make great gift ideas especially when the person who is receiving the basket is a first time parent and may not know all the little odds and ends they will have use for when their new son or daughter arrives. In these types of situations – the arrival of a new baby – it always seems like no one gift is enough to present to the new parent. This is true because there is so much that a baby needs. Furthermore, when it comes to a new baby, unless you're buying any of the big ticket items like a crib, bassinet, stroller, play pen or high chair, chances are you will need a lot more than just one of that particular item. This is another reason why a new baby gift basket makes an awesome gift. A new baby gift basket has no specific recipient. When I say this I mean the baskets can be given to any woman you know of who's expecting a baby because the gifts will be pretty standard regardless who the basket is being presented to. It is also a wonderful gesture to send soon to be grandparents a new baby gift basket because they're expecting a new bundle of joy into their lives as well and I'm quite sure they will be babysitting the little angel from time to time. That being said, putting together a new baby gift basket is fun because there are so many options of things to fill the basket with. Babies need lots of things like bottles (different sizes of course like the 4 ounce, the 6 ounce and the 8 ounce for the various stages of bottle feeding), nipples for the bottles, diapers in various sizes, wipes, wipes warmer, Q-tips, baby oil, baby lotion, receiving blankets, onesies, body suits, rattle, wash cloths, hooded towels, diaper rash cream, sleeper or sleep sack and teething ring. These items don't even begin to scratch the surface but they will get the new parent started out nicely. Two items that I found to be particularly helpful were a bouncer and a swing. They both worked miracles in helping to put my daughter to sleep.

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