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Party favors are a great way to commemorate an important event and can be used for any number of things. First of all let's look at the most obvious use of party favors. They can be used to memorialize the celebration of an event such as a wedding, a birthday party, an engagement party, a bridal or baby shower or an anniversary party. The favors are usually made because the host or hostess wants all their guests to have a physical token of the event that is being celebrated. Let's first specifically look at party favors that are being used for wedding or an anniversary party. When party favors are used in situations like these, the person or couple's name is usually depicted on the favor along with the date of the event. This personalized information can be set out in one of two ways – it can either be engraved on the item that serves as the favor or if the favor is candy tied in lace, then the engraving is actually done on a ribbon. Some simple yet elegant examples for wedding favors are: (1) white candy coated almonds wrapped in white lace and tied with a personalized ribbon; (2) fragrant potpourri wrapped in lace matching the wedding colors and tied with a personalized ribbon; or (3) mini bouquets made of silk flowers tied together with a personalized ribbon. All these favors are positioned at the place setting of each guest to ensure that everyone gets a favor. Another use of party favors is when commemorating the opening of a business. In this instance, the party favors could be in the form of pens, paper weights, key chains, calendars or magnets. Regardless of the form that the favors come in, they will all have the name of the business and the date they first opened their doors to the public. If, however, the business already exists and they simply want to recognize the opening of a new store or location then the favor would state something that mentions that fact. Either way, the party favors are a great way for them to get their message out to the public that they are open and ready to be of service to the public. Party favors add a personalized touch to an event and serve as a reminder of what was celebrated on that day. It's a great way to ensure that all who receive your favors will remember your special day long after it has passed.

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