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Personalized anniversary gifts

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Personalized anniversary gifts are great for newlyweds as well as those who are entering their silver or gold wedding anniversaries.


Many people give married couples keepsakes such as picture frames, photo albums and scrapbooks on their wedding anniversary. This year, instead of getting them a plain keepsake, get the celebrating couple's name, initials or wedding date engraved on the keepsake. Many picture frames are silver as are the covers of many different photo alums. These personalized anniversary gifts can be taken to any engraving store. Most malls have a stores that engrave and personalize silver items. You can choose from many different fonts, sizes and styles. The couple will appreciate you taking the extra step to personalize their gift. If the photo album or scrapbook are made of cloth, get the couple's name, wedding date or anniversary date embroidered on the product. Crafts stores are usually a good place to start. If they can't embroider the gift, they'll direct you to someone who can.

Household gifts

If the couple isn't exactly great at putting pictures in a photo album, consider getting them personalize anniversary gifts for their house. Embroidered towels, bathrobes and washcloths are popular ideas. You can choose to either embroider the couples' last name or each couples' initials. This can also be done with sheets and blankets. You can actually have boxer shorts or panties embroidered. Though you probably won't have enough room to put the couple's full name or wedding date on these items, you can put each person's initials on these undergarments.

Personalized anniversary gifts can also be suited for the kitchen. Many different companies will personalize wine glasses and cooking aprons for the couple. If you really want to get creative you can create a family plate. Have every member in your family sign the plate, have it glazed and give it to the couple. This is a good wedding anniversary gift for older couples that have lots of children and grand children.

Personalized hobbies

Some couples aren't too keen on kitchen, bedroom or bathroom gifts. Though they may appreciate your thoughtfulness in personalizing these items, they might not use them. For this type of couple, take a minute to brainstorm and think about what they like to do in their free time. If they travel a lot, get each of them a large canvass bag that has the family name initialed on each bag. If they really enjoy wine, but won't use personalize wine glasses, get them personalized wine rings. These rings are placed around the stem of the wine glass so guests don't get their glasses confused. If the couple likes to host parties, get them a personalized barbeque brand. These brands are created with the couples' initials and can be placed in cooking steaks so each steak has the couple's initials on it. Personalized anniversary gifts can be practical, sweet or creative!

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