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Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized Baby Gifts

Add a special touch to bibs, towels and crib sheets and give personalized baby gifts to the little one in your life.

The name game

Personalized baby gifts show that you went of your way to give mother and child something special. Personalized baby gifts add a special touch to everyday baby items and the mother will really appreciate the gesture. One of the most traditional ways to personalize baby gifts is by embroidering the baby's name onto clothes and other baby accessories. A whole host of Web sites will embroider the baby's name on pillows, baby sheets, towels, blankets, burp cloths and baby sleepers.

These personalized baby gifts come in all different sizes and materials. You can pick the color of the embroidery. Blue, pink, yellow and white tend to be the most popular. You can even choose the type of font you want on the item! On larger items, such as a blanket, you can add the baby's birthday under the baby's name. These are nice keepsakes for the new family.

Gift baskets

Baby gift baskets are great personalized baby gifts. Baby gift baskets can include whatever you want them too. You can personalize them to include things you know the parent's would appreciate. For example, if the parents are active and love to be outside, put small hiking shoes, baby nature books and a nice fleece hat in the basket. The items that you place in the gift basket definitely don't have to be embroidered with the baby's name. By hand picking each item, you're adding a personal touch to the gift.

You can also create a gift basket that includes a set of embroidered, personalized baby gifts. Your basket might revolve around a baby-bedding theme. For this basket you could include a personalized baby blanket, crib sheet, pillow and stuffed animal.

Other personalized items

If you want to get the new family something that's a little bit sturdier than baby blankets or burp rags, consider buying personalized baby furniture. Specialty baby stores will add a personal touch to dressers, rocking chairs, rocking horses, dressers and trunks. These personalized baby gifts include hand painted decorations such as flowers, the baby's name or other decorative features. Smaller personalized baby gifts include baby banks, clocks and jewelry boxes.

Don't have a lot of money? That's OK! You can still find personalized baby gifts; you just have to be more creative. Craft stores have all kinds of stencils and paint. So, if you're getting the baby a piece of furniture and you want to personalize it, go to the craft store, buy some stencils and paint and get it done! Craft stores generally have books on how to stencil furniture. This gives the craft-leery no excuse to shy away from giving personalized baby gifts.

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