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personalized wedding anniversary gifts

Personalized wedding anniversary gifts are items which are sure to be cherished as family heirlooms for generations. If you know of a couple who will soon be celebrating a wedding anniversary you will want to ensure that you give a classy gift which reflects well upon you and is distinctive.

First anniversaries are rarely celebrated on a large scale, but it is still nice to commemorate the day in some way. The traditional wedding gift for the one year anniversary is paper. In keeping with that tradition great personalized wedding anniversary gifts can be a certificate for the couple which denotes important happenings on the wedding date.

Wood is the traditional anniversary gift for the fifth anniversary. To honor that theme, you could give personalized wedding anniversary gifts such as photo frames which have been engraved with the couple in mind. The message can be names, dates or a specific quotation which is meaningful to the couple.

For the couple celebrating ten years together the traditional gift is tin. Nowadays tin is known as aluminum and that may seem a challenge as far as gifts go, but you would want to consider small aluminum sculptures. If this isn’t feasible consider wrapping the gift you decide upon in an aluminum box.

Crystal is the gift of choice for fifteenth anniversary celebrations. Lovely personalized wedding anniversary gifts would be crystal picture frames or barware. Any couple would be proud to display either gift in their home.

Twentieth wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with China. You could turn China into exciting personalized wedding anniversary gifts by adding an embossed message.

To celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary the traditional gift is now and has always been silver. It is easy to personalize silver items with engraving. You could consider giving a silver picture frame, silver barware, or a silver platter.

Thirtieth anniversaries are traditionally commemorated with pearls. Most men would not think of wearing pearls, but you can give wonderful pearls to both men and women. For the lady, a nice set of pearl earrings would be perfect and for the gentleman consider giving pearl cufflinks or a pearl tie tack.

Rubies are the traditional gift for a fortieth anniversary. To use rubies for personalized wedding anniversary gifts you could get a couple a crystal picture frame with a ruby inset and a personalized message.

The perfect traditional and modern gift for a fiftieth wedding anniversary is gold. Gold jewelry, gilded picture frames or crystal with gold accents are all appropriate gifts for a fiftieth wedding celebration and all these items can be personalized.

Sticking with traditional gifts is a good idea for anniversaries, but personalized wedding anniversary gifts are lovely and classy gifts.

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