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Pet Gift Baskets

Pet Gift Baskets

Pet gift baskets can include an array of items that are strictly for pets as well as things for them to share with their two-legged companions. Pet gift baskets can be packaged in traditional baskets or something that can be used later with the animal. For small breeds of pets, pet gift baskets can be packaged in a pet bed or, for cats, a clean new litter box. For large breeds of dogs, pet gift baskets can utilize a large dog bowl as the container for the gifts. With a little thought and planning, there are a lot of different options for pet gift baskets.

The contents of pet gift baskets will vary depending on the species of pet. Obviously items that are ideal for a hamster won't be appropriate for a Rottweiler. For small species of pets such as hamster, rats, birds, and some lizards, species-appropriate toys and treats make great items for pet gift baskets. You may even be able to find bows or ribbon printed with small paw prints or bird or lizard tracks to use to decorate the pet gift baskets.

Pet gift baskets for cats may start with cat beds or kitty hide-aways as the containers for the gifts. Cat toys, cat bowls, kitty treats, and even collars and leashes can make ideal gifts for pet gift baskets intended for cats. Remember that many cats love to chase simple things like strings, so be sure to include extra long ribbons on pet gift baskets for cats.

Dogs may be the easiest pets to buy for when it comes to putting together pet gift baskets, just based on the sheer volume and variety of dog-related products readily available. Depending on the breed, size, and personality of the dog, you can find many different types of dog clothing and accessories to include in pet gift baskets. From sweaters and jackets to fancy collars and leashes, these gifts are usually a good size to fit in pet gift baskets and can make any dog look special. Of course, all dogs would love to have premium doggie treats included in their pet gift baskets. Items for pet gift baskets that dogs and owners can use together can include toys and outdoor gear.

When it comes time to put everything together, one secret to making pet gift baskets that look terrific is to use some sort of filler material underneath the gift items, both to fill the space and to protect the gifts. Most craft stores sell shredded paper, pretty printed tissue, or colored cellophane that can be bunched up in the bottom of the container. Some specialty pet stores may even carry printed tissue or cellophane that features paw prints, dog bones, cats chasing mice, or other pet-related themes to dress up your pet gift baskets.

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