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romantic c baskets

Romantic Christmas baskets can be rewarding for both the giver and the receiver. If you intend on giving your lady a romantic Christmas gift, just remember her taste and personal style and you will fill her heart with joy. Try to make your gift something that she will remember forever and something that reflects your love and affection for her.<.p>

Lingerie is always a great place to start if you are looking for a romantic gift for a lady you care about. Whether her personal style in lingerie is more traditional or a bit more edgy, you’ll be able to find something she will love. Most important is to know her sizes. Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you got her something that was too small, or worse yet, much too big. Do a little investigative research before you buy to make sure you choose just the right lingerie for her.

Romance can always be heightened with the right bottle of wine. Coupling a bottle with lingerie in a basket tells a woman you find her sexy and are looking for a wonderful night alone. Red wines are always a bit more romantic, but don’t shy away from whites or blush wines if those are more in line with her particular tastes. Sangrias are wines infused with fruit flavors and often pair nicely with chocolate items.

Add to your romantic Christmas basket a touch of chocolate and you have set the tone for a perfect evening, since chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac. Dark chocolates are a bit less sweet and can be paired with wines easily. If milk chocolate is more her taste, then absolutely get her milk chocolate. Chocolate covered cherries are wonderful and come in both dark and milk varieties, but what is often considered the most romantic of all chocolate covered fruit is the chocolate covered strawberry. Feeding the person you love a chocolate covered strawberry is quite a romantic gesture.

Additional items which would lend themselves well to any romantic Christmas basket are massage lotions or oils, massage tools, bath items such as scented salts and soaps, satin sheets, or a book of love poems. These items grouped with the others listed really speak to the heart and soul of a woman and show how much you want to spend an intimate evening alone together.

Always think of the lady first when thinking of romantic gifts. If it is romance you are looking for, don’t stop with just a little. Try to include everything you will need for a perfect evening when thinking of romantic Christmas baskets.

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