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romantic gift

Shopping for a romantic gift can be relatively easy for a woman, but a little more challenging for a man. While the market is flooded with jewelry and lingere for the special woman in your life, it sometimes lacks in creativity when it comes to the men. Regardless, when looking for a romantic gift, a little bit of planning ahead can go a long way towards making the search easier. The first place to start when shopping for a romantic gift is usually the person you're buying for. What have they talked about lately or expressed an interest in? A romantic gift doesn't have to be mushy because, after all, much of the romance is in the presentation. Here are some ideas to help you get started. If the object of your affection is an adventurer or traveler, plan a good road trip. Pack up a picnic basket with all the necessities and surprise them with a note left by the door letting them know what time to you'll wisk them away for a private picnic somewhere secluded. Another great idea is the spontaneous road trip. Pack up one of our Heart Healthy Gift Baskets or a Snack Attack Gift Basket along with a road map. Have your love tack up the map, put on a blindfold on and spin around twice before putting a tack in the map. If it sticks in dry land, you've got your final destination; how you get there is up to you! If the love of your life is a bookworm, give them the romantic gift of quiet time to read. Present our Book Lovers Gift Set or pair a gift card to your local bookstore with one of our Spice it Up Snack Baskets. The two of you can crash on the couch and read books together while sipping coffee or wine. If you enjoy movies, try tickets to a theater that serves you dinner while you watch your show, or make a dinner of your own and end it with a Blockbuster Night Movie Gift Pail or grab some classics and snuggle up with the Coke Snack Works Gift Basket. A good romantic gift can be easy to come up with, it just takes patience and a little faith in your observation skills. If you're not feeling creative, you can go with the standard gifts of jewelry or flowers. Know that with a little more effort, you gift can go from ordinary to extraordinary. No matter what you choose, when you're picking a romantic gift, take your time. Remember that there can be a lot of romance involved in the way you present your gift as well, so light some candles and pour a glass of wine; there is a romantic gift waiting to be given.

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