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salad dressing gb

Salad dressing gift baskets There is something about receiving a gift basket that lets you know you are being thought of. When you want to let a friend or family member know that they are in your thoughts, nothing works better than a gift basket that has been chosen especially for them. Personalized baskets let someone know that they are special. Gourmet food baskets that include favorite salad dressings are tasteful and elegant gift choices. Create a gourmet Italian food basket. Choose all the necessary ingredients to create an authentic Italian meal. Include a variety of pastas and sauces. Add fresh mozzarella and Italian seasonings such as basil and rosemary. Italian dressings come in a wide array of flavors. Pick a favorite flavor for a personalized touch. Complete your basket with a bottle of wine. Send a vegetable gift basket. A vegetable gift basket is a tasteful choice for someone who has strict dietary regulations such as a vegetarian or one who abides by a kosher dietary law. Add a favorite dressing such as ranch or parmesan peppercorn that can be used as a dipping sauce for vegetables. Toss together a salad lover's gift basket. Select a pair of oil and vinegar bottles. These now come painted in almost any theme. Choose a set that complements your friend or family member's taste in home decor. Fill the bottles with garlic flavored salad oil and red wine vinegar. Add garlic croutons, breadsticks, and sunflower seeds for sprinkling. Pack in a large wooden salad bowl and add a set of wooden salad tongs. Personalize with favorite salad dressing flavors. Favorite salad dressings can be an added touch to any gift basket. Add honey mustard dressing and pretzels to a movie lover's gift basket or sports lover's gift basket. Raspberry vinaigrette is a tasty choice to add to a fruit basket. Adding a favorite salad dressing to a deli basket can complement the meat and cheeses. Gift baskets can be given for any occasion. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are the most popular gift occasions. But gift baskets are also great as a thank you, get well, sympathy, and graduation gift. Including items that have been chosen based on someone's interests and hobbies will ensure the personalized touch your basket needs. Show someone just how special they are with personalized choices. You are not only creating a gift basket but lasting memories.

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