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second birthday gift ideas

Birthdays are such fun, especially when you're a kid! Turning two is a big event, but if it's been a while since you've purchased a gift for a two-year-old, you might be finding it difficult to come up with second birthday gift ideas. At two, toys are all the rage and you can find age-appropriate toys at almost any store. If you'd like some ideas before heading out though, check out the list we've put together for you. Sit 'n Spins have been around for decades; the only difference now is that they come with lights and "rockin' tunes." These make great second birthday gift ideas because kids this young enjoy simplicity in their toys and to them, almost nothing can be better than sitting and spinning themselves silly for hours on end. If a Sit 'n Spin is not your cup of tea, or the birthday child already has one, consider purchasing another toy with similar functions. Light up and musical toys line the shelves nowadays and are not difficult to find. Second birthday gift ideas might include toys that have no lights and sound. Some parents feel as though this is too much stimulation for the younger set. Traditional toys for this age group can include blocks, wooden trains and train tracks, dolls and kitchen sets or tool benches. Occasionally, you will have the urge to buy "gender appropriate" gifts, but don't get caught up with this concern. Children learn in many ways and it is good for them to be able to express themselves freely in any way they can. Other great second birthday gift ideas include "educational" toys such as the lines created by Baby Einstein and LeapFrog. Both of these companies produce toys that are aimed to teach letters, number and colors. Baby Einstein focuses much on the musical component while LeapFrog is very colorful and interactive. Both of these are fantastic companies and have excellent reputations for their products. If none of the above second birthday gift ideas strike your fancy, go with a the time honored tradition of a birthday party. Kids love balloons, cake and party hats and a birthday party is the perfect way to give them all of this. Make some invitations and invite the kids from the daycare and your friend's children. Make sure to have your camera and plenty of film as this will definitely produce some major Kodak moments!! Second birthday gift ideas are not hard to come up with. Go to the mall, go to the major retailers and just take a look around. Better yet, take the soon-to-be-two with you and see what they reach for and what interests them. In no time at all, you will not only have ideas for yourself, you will most likely have second birthday gift ideas for everyone on the invite list!

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