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Spa gift baskets

Spa gift baskets

Spa gift baskets are great gifts for anyone who needs a little extra relaxation or pampering.

Spa gift baskets

Spa gift baskets are nicely packaged baskets that include all different types of spa goodies. They may include shampoo, oils, candles, slippers, bubble bath, body wash, nail polish or any other spa-like material you can think of. Generally they do come in a large wicker or wooden basket, but they can be put in a decorative tin, treasure chest or other carry vestibule.

You can find spa gift baskets on-line or at your local spa or health club. These places have all kinds of spa gift baskets that also range in price. Most of the baskets are pre-made so you just have to pick one. Many of them are arranged according to the part of the body that's going to get pampered. For example, you might have a pre-made manicure/pedicure basket that includes all of the items the person would need to give themselves a manicure or pedicure. These baskets can also be put together based on the product name brand. When a basket is put together based off product name brand, you usually get a wide range of products. If you don't like any of the pre-made spa gift baskets or find other things you'd like to include in the pre-made basket, just ask the clerk. Most of them are very happy to accommodate your request.

Including the back massage

How do you include a back massage in spa gift baskets? That's easy! Just ask a local spa or health club for a gift certificate. Then, include this certificate in the basket. If you want to put it in a pre-made basket, simply attach it to the bow at the top of the spa gift baskets. Then the first thing your recipient sees is an hour long massage and how bad can that be?

You can choose from all different types of massages including Swedish and stone massages. Swedish massages are supposed to increase blood flow and circulation, which makes the person feel a whole lot better. Instead of short choppy massages, this type of massage uses really long strokes to coax the blood vessels to open and the toxins to leave the body.

The stone massage uses hot or cold stones. These stones are simply placed on the person's back and left there for to loosen up the person's body. These stones are used to change a person's energy flow. The type of massage you choose should really depend on the person's needs. For example, a star athlete might not benefit from a stone massage, but may love a Swedish massage. Ask the spa technician what kind of massage they recommend you attach to your spa gift baskets.

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