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teacher gift baskets

Teacher gift baskets for winter gift giving are a great idea. You can fill a holiday basket with items a teacher can use in her classroom or with winter themed items she can use at school or at home.

If you want to give a teacher you care about a gift basket, you’ll want to know what kinds of items she would like to have and what she needs. Teachers who are very new to the classroom may welcome school supplies she can add to her stash for use with the children or for her to use in the classroom. Teachers who have been in the classroom for years may be looking to replenish their supplies. Anything from paper to staples would be great to include in a teacher gift basket. Make sure that if you are giving items for the classroom you don’t overlook anything. Things to be included are crayons, markers, pens of various colors for grading, geometric compasses, rulers, protractors, highlighters, colored pencils, specialty construction paper, yarn, popsicle sticks, staplers, tape, glue and glue sticks, grading scales and classroom decorations. Charts, graphs and posters are also very nice things to include. If you are able, you can also give scissor sets which allow a teacher to provide scissors to each of the students in her class.

Most public schools no longer celebrate any one specific holiday during December. Rather, they opt to celebrate winter to avoid offending people of various faiths and beliefs. Red and green are still traditional colors for winter celebrations, just as wreaths, holly and berries are still great themes for them. They can be accented with silver or gold bells of different styles. More modern winter displays feature silver, blue and white, snowmen and snowflakes. So, if you are planning to give decorations or winter themed items in a teacher gift basket, make sure you know what the decorating style of the teacher is so you can offer items in keeping with her tastes. Doing this ensures that your gift items will be used by the teacher for years.

Any teacher would consider herself lucky to receive a great teacher gift basket filled to the brim with items she can use in her classroom or with her students. Teachers give so much to our children and teacher gift baskets are a great way to show your appreciation for a teacher’s hard work.

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