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Thank you gift for dentist

Thank you gift for dentist

What do you have to thank your dentist for? Clean, straight teeth of course! Dentists always appreciate a nice thank you gift for dentist.

Some clever ideas

Most people never consider getting a thank you gift for dentist because they dread going to the dentist so they don't exactly put dentists on their list of people to give gifts to. But, if you think about it, dentists have a tough job. They spend the majority of their day looking at rotting teeth. Ick! So, why not give your dentist a little pick me up and thank him or her for taking care of your pearly whites?

Since you're thanking your dentist for servicing your teeth, why not look for thank you gift for dentist that has something to do with teeth? This doesn't mean you should actually give them real teeth. In fact, the last thing your dentist probably wants as a gift is actual teeth! Try getting him or her teeth or mouth-themed gifts. One idea is a dentist key ring that includes a small mirror, silver tooth and dental floss.

A fun thank you gift for dentist that the entire office will enjoy are mouth memo clips. These little clips are actual mouths. They look like those wind up teeth that walk and chatter. However, these clips are actual binding clips and will hold large documents together. The dentist will enjoy these, but so will anyone else in the office that has to deal with paper work.

Make your dentist's job easier and get him or her a small dentist bear. These stuffed bears usually hold some kind of dentist paraphernalia, such as a toothbrush or toothpaste. This thank you gift for dentist will make your dentist's life easier because it can be handed to a child who's nervous about getting a cavity filled. Hopefully holding your little bear will calm the child down, which will make it easier for your dentist to do their job. If you like the bear idea, but still want to get something that's just for your dentist, get him or her a matching bear business card holder. This will help keep your dentist organized.

For the dentist with a good sense of humor

If you have a dentist with a sense of humor, you're lucky! This will give you a lot more freedom with finding a thank you gift for dentist. Send your dentist some kind of sugary treat. They'll find it funny, especially if they're always telling you to lay off sweets. One great idea is a cookie basket that has cookies that are decorated like smiling teeth, toothpaste and lips. This thank you gift for dentist will make any dentist who has a sense of humor, chuckle.

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