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Thanksgiving gift baskets are a great way to enhance the holiday season by giving gifts to friends and family members. While it may not be a common place practice to give Thanksgiving gift baskets to your loved ones, it is definitely a good habit to start. Thanksgiving gift baskets can be given to any friend, family member or co-worker and can be filled with many different things related to the Thanksgiving holiday. Once you have filled your baskets with all these great holiday items then I will give you a few tips on how to package the final product. Thanksgiving gift baskets can be done on any scale you prefer – either large or small. The number of items you choose and the size of these items is what ultimately determine how large or small your basket will be. Here is what I mean. Thanksgiving gift baskets can be filled with items for your holiday meal. Let’s start with the appetizers you can include. Appetizers can be baked pastries stuff with ground turkey or gourmet nuts that include pistachios because pistachios add the color of the season. Then you can add side items to your gift basket like potatoes (either baked, stuffed with cheese or mashed/creamed), green beans, candied yams, macaroni and cheese or various kinds of rice (either white rice, yellow rice or rice pilaf). Now let’s tackle the main meat for your holiday meal which for many people is turkey but it doesn’t necessarily have to always be turkey. For example some people choose to do ham (either honey baked or just plain baked), baked chicken, roast beef or roast pork, cornish hens or prime rib. In the event you do choose to include a turkey in your gift basket it can be either baked or fried (this is something many people are trying these days). Now we come to the sweet part of the meal – the dessert course. You can include dessert items in your Thanksgiving gift baskets like any type of sweet bread, fruit cake chocolate or pie. Feel free to add a container of dinner mints and toothpicks to finish the contents of your basket off nicely. The final touch to presenting your basket is how it is all wrapped up. What I mean is this. It would be an added plus if you were to wrap your baskets in see-through orange or yellow cellophane paper as these are the colors of the holiday season. Once the cellophane wrapping paper is completely covering your basket, tie it securely at the top with orange and yellow ribbons. Now you’re ready to impress all your many recipients with Thanksgiving gift baskets.

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