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traditional anniversary gifts

Traditional anniversary gifts are so popular because they are classics. Through time, more traditional gifts retain their beauty and the sentiment of the token deepens. Traditional gifts are always the right choice.

Keepsakes take on many shapes and forms, but one aspect which transcends time is a precious metal. Items in bronze or silver are heirloom quality items which can be passed on from generation to generation, and with them, the stories of the original owners. Quality metals can be engraved with the anniversary couple’s names and the dates of the marriage and anniversary, the celebration year annotated or any fitting message special to the couple.

Photo frames are readily available in a variety of price ranges and styles. What can be most captivating about giving photo frames is giving them with photos already in place. Consider having copies made in a variety of sizes of the anniversary couple over the years and present the photos as a special all-in-one gift. These will be a walk through history for them and all the members of the family.

Personalized photo frames are also wonderful items. They can be engraved with any message, dates and names. Consider frames designed to house two photos and you can use a wedding photo and an anniversary photo together. Engraving can be done with relative speed if there is a rush. Silver frames are an especially nice touch.

Wood is also a great traditional anniversary gift. Wooden bowls are practical and beautiful and last for years when proper care is used. They can be used for serving food or for display and lend themselves well to any décor. Consider having them carved with the couple’s names as well as the wedding and anniversary dates.

Crystal items are growing in popularity, but have always been appropriate anniversary gifts. Whether giving etched champagne flutes or a photo frame, the gift will be treasured. Recently there has been an upsurge in specialty photo frames which are curved and meet the standards of more modern and sleek decors. Glass or figurines are a classy way to commemorate the anniversary of someone you care about.

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