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Unique baby shower gifts

Unique baby shower gifts

Just because you have to go to a baby shower doesn't mean that you have to buy boring gift such as burp cloths and diapers. There are lot of unique baby shower gifts that you can bring to the shower!

Give the gift of entertainment

There are a wide array of unique baby shower gifts. One hilarious gift that any mother who has a son will appreciate is the Wee Wee Man outfit. This outfit can be found on and is intended to protect mom (or dad) from any wayward streams that little boys produce when they're being changed. This little outfit almost looks like a Halloween costume. It has a bib, a burp cloth and most importantly, a pee blocker. The pee blocker is a fashionable little cup that's placed over the boy's area when he's being changed.

This site and many other baby Web sites, also have wall stickers. These unique baby shower gifts are placed on the wall near the baby's crib so the baby can entertain itself when mom has her back turned. Babies simply love to stare at colors and movement and will love these decorations. Most of these decorations are safe to put on the wall and are easy to remove.

For your unique baby shower gifts, look into getting the baby a nice mobile. Mobiles hang over the baby's bed. These days you can find mobiles that suit almost any sports team. College sports mobiles will play the team's fight song when they're turned on. This is a great gift for a family of sports fans!

Something for mom

Baby showers usually include oodles of soft, teeny gifts for the baby, but what about mom? If you're tossing around unique baby shower gifts, don't forget to think about the baby's mom. Get mom a nice spa package with bubble bath, lotion and a facial packet. If you want to keep her gift baby themed, get her a photo album or journal that she can use to track baby's momentous events.

Personalized items

Choosing personalized unique baby shower gifts gives the gifts a personal touch that you will not get in traditional store bought items. You can personalize pretty much any cloth gift. Many Web sites will embroider the baby's initials or fist and last name on the baby's wash clothes, towels, outfits, hats, mittens, blankets and bedding. You can have the baby's birth date added to these items.

Personalized unique baby shower gifts can also benefit mom. Consider getting a large tote that mom can use as a baby bag. Not all women like baby bags that look like baby bags. Find a fashionable tote and have her initials embroidered on the outside. These unique baby shower gifts come in all different colors, sizes and materials.

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