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Unique gifts for men

Unique gifts for men

Don’t get your guy another tie or set of golf balls for his birthday! Put a little extra thought into his birthday this year and get him one of many unique gifts for men.

The gadget guy

We all know a gadget guy. You know, the type of guy that's always showing you some whacky new piece of technology. You're not always sure what the thing does, but he always looks like he knows what he's talking about. Well, even if you're not a gadget gal, you can find some unique gifts for men in the gadget department.

Gadget guys who are also avid coffee drinkers will love the USB Cup Warmer. This individual cup warmer plugs right into the USB port on your computer, keeping your guy's coffee warm for as long as he wants to drink it. Unique gifts for men also include the Eon torch, which is an ultra bright blue light that's used to light up stuff that's far across the room. This can be used in an office setting or flashed at home to tease the kids or annoy the wife. The Eon torch is about the size of a credit card and will fit in your guy's back pocket.

Men who spend a lot of time outdoors either working in construction or playing in the mountains might like some walkie talkies so they can keep track of their friends or co-workers without running up their cell phone minutes. These unique gifts for men can also be used on family camping or hiking trips! Most walkie talkie sets are waterproof and hold long battery charges so your guy can use them in all kinds of situations.

Gifts for the entertainer

Let's face it, some men love to host parties or entertain clients. If this is true of your guy, consider getting him a mini fridge cooler or the Butler. The Butler is one awesome unique gifts for men because it's a shot dispenser that holds up to six different booze bottles. If you're going to get your guy one of these gifts, make sure that he can keep it in a place where it won't be accessible to children.

The thrill seeker

Take the adventurous man on a zany adventure! Sign your guy up for sky diving lessons or send him on a cave tour. Cave tours are great and will teach your guy how to discover what lies below! Hot air balloon rides and hang gliding are two awesome unique gifts for men that have an adventurous side. If you're going to check out any of these adventures, make sure the place that's running the adventure is legitimate. You wouldn't want your unique gifts for men turning into a disaster.

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