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Unique valentines gifts for him

Unique valentines gifts for him

By just putting a little extra thought into your Valentine's day gifts, you can come up with unique valentines gifts for him.

Finding the right hobby

The easiest way to find unique valentines gifts for him is by going after his hobbies. If your guy loves to fish or hunt, send him on a guided fishing or hunting tour. These types of gifts are great because they address his hobby and they prevent you from trying to figure out what equipment to buy. Buying equipment for someone when you don't share their hobby can be problematic and may result in a returned gift. If your guy is a camper, plan a camping getaway or get him a unique camping gift such as binoculars that he can use at night. He'll love it.

Lots of guys love cars, sports or both. If this is your guy, get him unique valentines gifts for him that have to do with cars. If you live near Detroit, get him some tickets to the annual Detroit auto show. This will give him access to all different new cars and car enthusiasts. If he's more of a racecar type of guy, get him tickets to a racecar driving course. Yes, these classes exist, but they don't exist everywhere so be sure to get on the Internet and do a search for a race track close to your house.

Sports oriented unique valentines gifts for him are not hard to come by because sports are so popular. For starters, you can get him tickets to his favorite professional sporting event. If he's a college basketball fan, get him tickets to a March Madness game. These games might require you to travel, so it could be a nice couple's weekend trip!

Making him feel good

Other unique valentines gifts for him are less obvious, but equally appreciated. Instead of getting him an elaborate gift or taking him on a trip, plan a night alone. If you have kids, get a sitter and spend the evening doing things that he wants to do. Either cook a nice dinner, or order in so you can have the house to yourself. After dinner, give him a full body massage. You can find massage oils at beauty stores and adult stores as well. Guys love getting massages. When you're finished with the massage, give him a pedicure. No, you don't have to paint his toes, but you can use other items in a spa package to make his feet feel nice. These items include a pumice stone and foot lotion.

Another great gift is a gift that includes some kind of lingerie. Though lingerie might not be the most unique valentines gifts for him, it's always a big hit and you can get creative with it so it is a unique experience for both of you.

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