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unusual baby gifts

Unusual baby gifts are gifts outside the usual diapers and blankets fair typical of most baby showers. Sure, those are great gifts because everyone needs them for a new baby, but what if the person having the baby has everything they’ll need for a new baby? You wouldn’t want to overdo the regular shower gifts if they already have plenty. You’ll want to get creative and offer them something truly unique as unusual baby gifts.

Watch your budget when you get creative and develop unusual baby gifts. It can be so easy to just forget about price tags and go with the emotion of giving new parents a wonderful and often times very expensive gift. You’ll feel better about what you give if you are mindful of your budget.

The truly unique is that which is one of a kind. That is an interesting balance to achieve. If you know the new parents well, you can think up some really great ideas for unusual baby gifts. If you are somewhat crafty, all the better. You can make some wonderful gifts which will always be treasured by the parents and the baby as she grows.

Along the lines of crafts are all the handmade items you can think of. One of the more special items you can make is a custom designed scrapbook. You can buy a scrapbook and some specialty papers and make a scrapbook with everything in place except the baby’s pictures. Those can either be added by the family later, or you can offer your scrapbooking expertise to them and plan time to spend with them cropping photos to include in the book.

Another idea for unusual baby gifts which are still rather traditional are custom designed handmade baby quilts. These can be original designs made by the quilter or you and can include pictures of the baby’s family members or the baby. This can be done using digital photos, a computer and printer, and iron-on transfer printer paper. You can also offer the parents a chance to supply which photo to use. This can be a great opportunity to introduce a baby to their grandparents or great-grandparents who may no longer be with us.

Unusual baby gifts are a great way to blend family tradition with new and interesting items. If you are crafty, you’ve got a leg up on others. If not, that’s ok. You can learn a new craft or you can find someone to help you create perfect unusual baby gifts.

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