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unusual birthday presents

Unusual birthday presents are fun to come up with; it gives you the opportunity to play to the quirkier side of your gift recipient. Buying unusual birthday presents can also get you off the hook - when a gift is unusual, there is no way that someone can say they don't like it!! If you're buying for the sports enthusiast or a guy that loves the need for speed, buy them a share of their favorite team. They'll not only be watching their favorite team, they'll get to tell their friends they own a piece of them too. If they're a speed demon, they can own a share in their favorite sports car company or their favorite racing team. While you're in the business of buying unusual birthday presents, try buying an acre of the moon for the lucky recipient; their gift will come complete with a title deed and a position guide to help them find their plot. When it comes down to it, you can buy a piece of just about anything now; find their passion and buy them a piece of it. Adoption is also a way to present unusual birthday presents. The Smithsonian Zoo has a program that allows people to adopt animals; from pandas to zebras, they have it all. Other programs offer adoption programs of animals such as polar bears and penguins. These are great unusual birthday presents for younger children as well because most come with stuffed animal replicas of the animal plus an adoption certificate and a magazine throughout the year. Name a star after the birthday guy or girl, or a box of chocolates or a rose; again, the list goes on and on. Buy them a case of wine with personalized labels with the date of the event and their name. Unusual birthday presents can also include a year of wishes candle set and some personalized stationary. In today's busy world, many people do not take the time to sit down and write a personal note anymore; fancy new stationary will give them the excuse to do so. Unusual birthday presents can also include "of the month" clubs; whether it be beer, wine, plants, or steak they are all out there. Your gift won't be limited to just one day; it will be around all year long to remind the recipient each and every month it is delivered. Have fun purchasing your unusual birthday presents and giving them to family and friends; remind them that when it is your birthday, you will expect the same!

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