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unusual man birthday

Unusual birthday gifts for men Choosing birthday gifts for men doesn't have to be difficult. Traditional birthday gifts such as clothing and gift cards are easy gifts to give. But choosing unusual and unique gifts show your man how much thought you put into making his day special. You can choose an unusual gift that will kindle your man's romantic side or add to his adventurous spirit. Appeal to your man's sensitive side with a romantic gift from the heart. Name a star after your man and present him with an astrology certificate with the coordinates of his own star. Or personalize a romance novel complete with his picture on the front cover. A personalized romance novel will depict your man as the hero in a western or tropical adventure. Other settings are available such as a pirate or vampire story. Get your man a gift certificate for a massage or a day at a spa. Men can also benefit from spa treatments and there are many packages available that cater to a man's needs. Send your man on an adventure. If your man is interested in flying, there are many aerial adventures to send him on. Helicopter and airplane tours are available in most major cities. Choose helicopter or airplane lessons. Your man can even be a fighter pilot for the day. Skydiving lessons are also adventurous. Most students can take their first tandem jump within their first day. Other outdoor adventures include kayaking, white water rafting, and trail riding in off-highway vehicles are available if your man prefers to keep his feet on the ground. Your man can learn to drive off-road vehicles from Land Rover or Jeep on some of the world's most rugged mountain trails. Scuba diving and rock climbing lessons are also an option for the adventurer. There are even unusual gifts for the sports fanatic. If you man is a golf lover, give him a copy of the USGA rule book with a set of leather monogrammed club covers and golf lessons at a prestigious golf course in places such as Pinehurst, NC or Augusta, GA. Racing fans can experience their own race day. Send your man on the NASCAR Racing Experience or the Formula One Racing Experience. Your man can be in the front seat of his own race car for the day. Make any man's birthday special with an unusual gift. Unique gifts can appeal to both the romantic and adventurous spirit of any man. With a little thought and effort you can choose an unusual birthday gift for your man. You will surely make his day more memorable.

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