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valentine day gifts

Valentine Day gifts are always a special way to show how much you appreciate someone you work with. In the past, Valentine Day gifts were just for sweethearts, but now, it is a nice time to give a token of thanks or friendship to just about anyone. Think of the people you work with when remembering Valentine’s Day.

One of the more simple ways to offer a small token for Valentine’s Day is to leave a basket somewhere in the work place filled with goodies special for the day. Consider having a variety of little items in the basket such as individually wrapped chocolates, cookies or crisped rice treats. If food items are not so much in line with your ideal, try to provide simple, inexpensive office supplies of a Valentine theme such as pencils, pens, heart-shaped paper clips, pink adhesive notes or pink highlighter markers. These are little things which will go a long way with your co-workers or employees. It shows that you thought of them.

If you’re looking to upgrade your office gifts a bit, you can always do a little Valentine bag filled with a few of the same items you could put in the basket described earlier. Place four or five small things together in a cellophane bag with a heart decoration and ribbons on it. Make sure you also attach a small card with the recipients’ names as well as your own so they will know who to thank. If you intend to include food items, make sure you remember dietary restrictions from food allergies or sensitivities.

For special people in your office, or if you only plan to give gifts to a few people you work closely with, you can go a little more high-end with your gift items. Obviously it would be nice to include a few fresh cookies shaped like hearts. Chocolates are always welcome as well. A lovely item for members of the same staff would be small desk accessories like engraved business card holders, personalized pen holders or a small picture frame in the person’s favorite style. That way, every time they look across their workspace, they will see your gift and know that they are important to you.

Valentine gifts can be as simple as you like, or you can strive to be a little (or a lot) more extravagant. Just know that if you are buying for many, you may want to scale back the price per gift to make the gift project stay within your budget. Even the most affordable Valentine Day gift will make people in your office feel special.

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