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valentine gift baskets

Valentine gift baskets can be filled with a variety of interesting items to create an interesting and affordable gift for any sweetheart.

When creating Valentine gift baskets, your most important element may be your budget. Working within a set budget can keep you from going overboard on items when you cannot afford to. If you do have a need to stay on-target with your spending, you will want to start early and watch for sales when you create the perfect Valentine gift basket.

The best way to start with a Valentine gift basket is to start with your sweetie’s favorite things. If your gift basket is for someone who is a movie buff, you know you can’t go wrong by creating a movie basket extraordinaire for them on Valentine’s Day. You can fill a basket with movies from the same genre or time period, or you can include movies from the same director, with the same leading lady, or a movie and its sequel. You can include a new bowl for popcorn, some microwave or gourmet popcorn as well. A nice bottle of wine or a six pack of beer is a nice addition to movie night. You can include typical movie theater candy fare such as Milk Duds, Whoppers, Jujee Fruits, Gummy Bears, Junior Mints or Red Vines. If you like to watch movies together, a nice touch would be to include a new blanket for snuggling under.

If your Valentine loves to spend time outdoors, begin with items they can use while hiking or camping. You wont need to buy a new tent or canoe, but a new tarp to use with the tent or new oars for the canoe can be great items for a Valentine gift basket. These larger items can be used as a base for the basket. Fill the basket with smaller items like rain ponchos, a compass, a toiletry kit, a waterproof flashlight, new fishing accessories, small lanterns, batteries and matches. They may not seem like romantic gifts, but what is romantic is the thought you put into the gift. You might also get invited on a special camping trip after you create such a wonderful gift bakset.

Think first of the person you are giving the basket to when you are building a Valentine gift basket. Try to stick with one theme and include items you know your sweetie will use and enjoy when you create a Valentine gift basket to remember.

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