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valentines dog baskets

Valentines dog baskets can be great gifts, whether you are giving them to your favorite dog or your favorite dog owner. With the upsurge in pet related items of late, it can be very fun to explore the marketplace and make selections for any holiday, but especially Valentines Day.

One really fun idea if you are planning on giving Valentines dog baskets as gifts is to use an actual dog basket as the base for what you are planning to give. Once emptied out, the basket can be a nice place for any dog to take a lazy nap. If you decide not to use a dog basket, try to find a basket large enough to hold the dog’s toys when they are not in use. That way you are making the basket serve double or triple duty!

What dog owner has enough leashes? Most dog owners have panic situations when they need a leash and can’t find one at a moment’s notice. That is why it is always a good idea to have a leash by the front door, one with the usual pet supplies, one in each car and one put away as a spare. It may seem like leash overkill, but it is a real pain to need a leash and not be able to find one. If you can include a matching collar and leash, you’ll be including much needed items for a pet owner. Just for fun, you can get them in Valentines themes or colors.

Dogs love to chew and play, so it would be wise to include a few chew toys or squeaky toys in Valentines dog baskets. You don’t necessarily have to choose Valentines themed toys, but that is always fun for the person who loves the dog. You’ll want to include toys which can stand up to the chewing and play of a rowdy dog. If the toy has a squeaker in it, try to ensure that the squeaker cannot be ripped out of the toy during play. It can be a choking hazard.

Snacks are another must for Valentines dog baskets. You can find dog treats in any variety, shape, and flavor or price range. You’ll want to include something appropriate for the size of dog that will be using the basket. Yes, the size of the snack is important. Little dogs will have problems biting into larger snacks and large and overzealous dogs will practically swallow smaller treats whole. Neither of these is a good thing.

It can be extremely fun to build a great Valentines dog basket.

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