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Valentines Gifts

Valentines Gifts

Valentines gifts can make or break the big day so make sure you choose wisely or you may end up spending your day in the doghouse!

Traditional valentines gifts

Traditional valentines gifts include chocolates, jewelry, flowers and lingerie. These gifts are plentiful around Valentines Day, but often run out quickly. Anything you need to order for the big day should be ordered at least four weeks ahead of time. This may sound silly, but flower shops and jewelers get incredibly busy around Valentines Day. If you decide to get your sweetheart flowers, call the flower shop several days before Valentine's Day and confirm your order. You don’t want your order to get lost in the shuffle!

Stepping out of the box

There's no rule that says your valentines gifts have to include chocolate, jewels or petals. Lots of people opt for unique valentines gifts. CDs, books and videos are great valentines gifts. You can also plan a weekend getaway away from the kids and away from reality! You might need to choose a weekend that's a little before a little after Valentines Day because this day doesn't always fall on a weekend.

Doing it on the cheap

Not everyone has oodles of money to spend on a diamond bracelet, but there are inexpensive ways to celebrate your love. Instead of going to dinner, have a nice dinner at home. Light some candles, turn on some soft music and enjoy each other's company. After you eat, give your loved one a love note or poem. There's no rule that says valentines gifts have to cost money. They just have to come from the heart.

Another inexpensive valentines gift is a picture frame or a photo album. Put a picture of you two in a frame or create pages of memories for a photo album. This will take a lot more time than going to the store and picking out some jewelry, but she will appreciate it!

When you're looking for less expensive valentines gifts, look around you. Is there something nice you can do around the house? Does your husband or wife love backrubs? Bubble baths? Doing something nice for Valentines as opposed to doing something expensive will make your loved one feel really special.

What about men?

Finding valentines gifts for men can be tricky. Unlike women, men don't usually ooh and ahh at flowers or jump up and down when they get chocolate or jewelry. However, there are some very nice things you can do for your guy on Valentines Day. We mentioned lingerie earlier, but if you want something that he can keep for longer than a few minutes, read on.

Valentines gifts for men can include sporting goods, magazine subscriptions or backrubs. If you want to get your man something shiny, try a money clip. Lots of places personalize money clips and this is a great alternative to carrying around a wallet. Men also seem to love when women pay for dinner so before you give him his valentines gift, treat him to a wonderful meal!

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