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30th anniversary traditional gift

A 30th anniversary traditional gift is a wonderful way to help a long married couple celebrate a milestone anniversary. You will want to choose a gift with class, style, refinement and thoughtfulness.

The 30th anniversary traditional gift is pearls. It may seem hard to think of an appropriate gift for a couple with pearls, but it can be done. You will want to select a gift you can give to the couple collectively or you will want to give both the lady and the gentleman gifts which compliment one another. For a lady, this will be pretty easy, but gentlemen do not traditionally wear pearls under most circumstances, however, you can find men’s jewelry and accessories with pearl accents. That said, you might want to consider giving the lady pearl earrings or a pearl pendant and the gentleman a pearl tie tack, a tie clip with a pearl accent or pearl accented cuff links. Another way to incorporate a pearl into a gift for the couple together is to give a crystal picture frame with a pearl inlay. Even if you only include one pear in the inlay, it will still be a classy gift to give. Add personalization to the frame and you will have given them a lovely gift which will be cherished by generations.

You could also consider giving the couple 30th anniversary traditional gifts with a Sweet Pea flower theme as the Sweet Pea is the traditional flower of the 30th wedding anniversary. Sweet Peas are lovely delicate flowers which are traditionally found primarily in pastel colors. They are a lovely spring flower and add a nice touch to just about anything. You could either plant or have planted Sweet Peas in the garden of the celebrating couple, or you could use Sweet Peas to accent a floral arrangement.

By the time a couple is celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary they are likely to have everything they need, so you might want to consider giving them a gift basket filled with delicacies they might enjoy tasting instead of more “stuff” for them to keep around the house. You would want to include only the finest wines, pate’, crackers, smoked salmon, sausages, cheeses, cookies, chocolates and candies. Also appropriate to include would be a pair of wine glasses, small plates, cheese spreaders and knives. If the couple do not drink alcohol, you could include sparkling cider instead.

A 30th anniversary traditional gift is a perfect way to let a happy couple know how much you admire and respect them.

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