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virginia gift ideas

Virginia gift ideas are a great way to remember a special vacation or to inspire one. There are any number of gifts motivated by the history and folklore of Virginia and almost everyone knows the motto, “Virginia is for lovers.”

So, what exactly are we loving about Virginia? Just about everything. Virginia is one of the original thirteen colonies of the United States. Virginia is steeped in history and no matter where in the state you happen to be, you can find out many interesting facts. A great way to honor that history is to give a book written about Virginia. You can find books which speak about life in below the Mason Dixon line. The new frontier or family life for settlers are also great storylines for books from Virginia. Obviously these types of books would be best suited to someone interested in Americana and the history of the United States. Cookbooks are also a fabulous gift item from the state of Virginia. The flavors from the American South are the flavors upon which a nation was built. Giving a cookbook which features true Southern style cooking can be fun for an entire family to enjoy.

Virginia is also known for its pork and meat products. Hams, many varieties of bacon, and smoked meats are welcome gift items from Virginia. These items can be somewhat costly, but if you are willing to do some looking you can find them for a reasonable price. If price isn’t an issue, make sure you find the best quality item you can. Additional food items are baked goods, peanuts and beans, all of which are of a fine quality.

There is also the traditional fare of souvenirs. Items like t-shirts are affordable gifts from Virginia which would please any gift recipient. Barware can also be popular for giving and is available in many styles, from glass mugs to shot glasses and everything in between. Also suitable items for giving are maps, guides, pictures and flags, all of which can be framed.

If you are hoping to give gift items from Virginia, the options are endless. If you know what the gift recipient enjoys, you can find the perfect item for them. Just make sure you enjoy coming up with Virginia gift ideas as much as you enjoy giving them.

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