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Wedding anniversary presents

Wedding anniversary presents

Wedding anniversary presents should represent the love and affection you feel for your partner.

Wedding anniversary ground rules

Before we even get to the fun part of wedding anniversaries — wedding anniversary presents — let's go over a few wedding anniversary rules. The key to keeping your spouse happy on your wedding anniversary is more dependent on communication than it is on a gift. Well before your wedding anniversary, make sure that you're on the same page about the big day. Talk about whether you're going to leave town, leave work early to go to dinner or get a babysitters. Also, discuss whether you're going to get each other gifts and if those gifts need some kind of financial limit. Getting on the same page as your partner will make your anniversary date much more enjoyable.

On to the fun stuff

Though communication is necessary, gifts are fun. You can always go with traditional wedding anniversary presents. This would include certain items such as paper for the first anniversary that have been passed down from generation to generation. Gifts can also include lovely jewelry for either him or her. Husbands can get their wives a nice necklace, bracelet or, for the bigger wedding anniversaries, a new diamond studded wedding band. As far as jewelry's concerned, wives can get their husbands watches, class rings or money clips that include the guy's initials.

If you're not interested in jewelry or too broke to buy each other jewelry, think outside the box. Find something sexy to jazz up your love life. You might want to get some massage oils. Many massage oils are scented or different flavors. Some of them even get warm when you rub them on the person's back. Massage oils are nice wedding anniversary presents that will get you and your spouse in the mood for some serious celebration.Some people don't actually like to get massages. For them a sensual massage with scented oils would actually be undesirable wedding anniversary presents. If that's the case, look for a massage oil candle. These candles are softer than other candlelight and actually add a little heat to the room. The wax from these candles can be applied to your partner (after it's cooled for a bit, of course) because they have emollient wax that will nourish your partner's skin.

Gifts for the couple

Lots of couples like to get a gift that will add to the couple's home or bring the couple together. Get a newlywed cooking kit and learn to cook together. Or, you can get that grill, couch or new flat screen TV you've been pining after for some time. These wedding anniversary presents don’t have to be tangible as you can sign up for a cooking, karate, or ballroom dancing class. Signing up for classes guarantees that you and your spouse will spend at least a couple of hours a week together. Wedding anniversary presents should bring the couple closer together so find a gift that will make you and your partner happy.

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