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wedding favor

Brides to be are always looking for a wedding favor to compliment her style and the theme of her wedding. Typical wedding favors include bubbles and candied almonds, but the refined bride will want to give her guests a special memento of the most important day of her life.

Tasteful wedding favors are available in all price ranges. If you are looking for a high-end wedding favor your guests will use and cherish you have many options available. Wine glasses etched or stamped with the couple’s names and wedding date are always a lovely touch. These can be anything from a crystal flute to a simple stemless glass. Another option are small silver picture frames. When placed on tables, these make nice place card holders, but are suitable for any use after the wedding. Silver bells are also classy. These come in varieties which can hold place cards or suit the theme of the wedding or honeymoon.

A nice moderate wedding favor can incorporate fun or the wedding’s theme. Pewter or silver metal place card holders can be recycled by guests post-reception as paperweights or knick-knacks. These card holders are available in any shape or style and can be quite affordable. Silver metal bookmarks also come in many styles from simple hearts to more ornate designs with engraving. You can also select measuring spoons in different shapes and these can be engraved as well. Bottle openers with the wedding’s theme or bottle stoppers can also be a welcome item to any reception attendee.

Affordable favors are available just about anywhere. These can be simple or fairly elaborate and the choice is up to the reception host. More affordable favors are items such as small spoons, appetizer picks, key chains, less elaborate bookmarks, luggage tags and candles. Whatever you select to give your guests, always try to present them with a theme to tie everything together nicely.

In keeping with the traditions of a snack and a sendoff, brides can provide candies and bubbles for guests in addition to their keepsake item. It is always nice to have something to nibble on while mingling after the meal at a reception or on the way home. Candied almonds are a classic, as well as mints of different varieties. Chocolates are always a popular choice. And, what bride hasn’t pictured herself and her groom passing through their guests as they leave their reception surrounded by romantic and whimsical bubbles gently floating through the air?

Wedding favors should be fun and appropriate for the occasion. Try to bring in a little flair and a classy touch when selecting them. You can make each wedding favor a token of your love and appreciation for your guests.

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