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Wedding Gift Basket

Wedding Gift Basket

A wedding gift basket is the perfect gift for a newly married couple, especially if you don't know that couple very well.

Gourmet wedding gift basket

The wedding gift basket is a great thing to bring to a wedding. It includes lots of stuff the couple wouldn't buy for themselves and can be stowed away until the couple feels like having an extra special night together! This type of wedding gift is also an easy gift purchase for a couple that you don't know that well. The baskets usually include some kind of food, wine or champagne, which are pretty neutral gifts that enjoyed by all kinds of couples.

The gourmet wedding gift basket might include gourmet food or nice alcohol. Choose a wedding gift basket that includes breakfast food such as pancakes, maple syrup, Bloody Mary mix, bacon and coffee. When the couple returns from their honeymoon, they'll really enjoy having all the fixins for their first official homemade breakfast as a married couple.

If the couple isn't the breakfast eating type, get them a nice wine or cheese gift basket. This wedding gift basket will include all different types of wine and complimentary cheese. The couple can bust this gift out whenever they feel like reliving the romance of their wedding night!

A wedding gift basket that includes different snack foods such as gourmet toffee, crackers, olives and chocolate covered pretzels will also tickle the couple's taste buds. Chocolate themed wedding gift baskets are also a huge hit.

Sensual gift baskets

Let's get right to it. Newly weds are big fans of sensual gifts. If you know the couple really well, consider getting them a sensual wedding gift basket. They'll love getting a variety of hot oils, ticklers, feathers and blindfolds. This will really jazz up a wedding gift table that's covered with silver and 10-eprson place settings!

If you're a little concerned about giving them sex-oriented gifts on their wedding day, tone down the sensuality and get them a home spa wedding gift basket. The sensuality is still there, it's just not as in your face. A nice spa wedding gift basket would include body lotion, hand cream, bubble bath, bath tea, a peppermint foot soak, matching bath slippers, a back scrubber and shower gel. You can also find spa wedding gift baskets that include champagne, champagne glasses and candles. Sometimes they also include romantic CDs and aromatic candles.

You can find a wedding gift basket similar to this basket on the Internet. Many different gourmet gift basket Web sites carry a wide variety of wedding gift baskets. If you can't find one that you like, keep looking or make your own. There's no rule that says you have to buy a pre-made wedding gift basket.

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