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Wedding Gift Idea

Wedding Gift Idea

Coming up with a wedding gift idea has gotten easier with the advent of wedding registries.

The wedding registry

The absolute easiest way to find a wedding gift idea is by getting the couple something that's on their wedding registry. These days most couples register for gifts. This simply means that they get on a company Web site go shopping and let their guests buy them the stuff they put in their virtual cart. Couples typically register at furniture stores, home and kitchen stores and stores, such as Home Depot, that have everything a person could possibly need to fix up a house.

So how do you find this easy to use registry? Well, most couples will put a small note card in their invitation or save the date indicating where they've registered. All you have to do is get on the respective company's Web site, enter the couple's name and voila! The registry pops up. The registries will show the amount of a particular item the couple wants and will tell you if someone's already gotten the gift. Registries are great because they include gifts that hit just about any budget. If you don't want to get your wedding gift idea from the couple's registry, use your imagination!


Though not all couples go on a honeymoon after their married, most of them end up going on some kind of trip. If you know where the couple's going, get them something for their honeymoon. If they're going camping, get them a new tent. If they're headed for a fancy hotel in Europe order a nice gourmet gift basket of cheese, wine, champagne and other gifts and have it waiting for them in their hotel. Also, everyone needs something sassy for a honeymoon so get them a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. If you can't think of a gift that will help them out on their honeymoon, buy them a gift certificate to The bed and breakfast gift certificates on this Web site are redeemable at thousands of bed and breakfasts throughout Canada and the U.S. So, the couple can choose any time and any destination for a romantic getaway.


If you're a close friend or relative to one or both people who are getting married, get them a keepsake. Keepsakes are best given by someone who is very close to the couple because they've probably shared plenty of moments with the couple. You can put together a scrapbook, make them a mix CD that reminds you of them or put together several pictures for their new home. Personalized towels, travel bags, boxer shorts and blankets are also good wedding gift ideas. If you keep the couple in mind while you're devising your wedding gift idea, you'll end up with a fantastic gift.

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