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Traditional wedding anniversary gift

Finding a traditional wedding anniversary gift for your spouse is a rewarding way to tell them how much you appreciate them and your life together.

What are traditional anniversary gifts?

The traditional wedding anniversary gift has been around for centuries. These gifts are very vague ideas of what to get your spouse for each year that you're married. For example, tradition says that on your first wedding anniversary you're supposed to get your spouse paper. For your second wedding anniversary cotton, your third leather, further fruit and flowers and fifth wood. The longer you've been married the more elaborate the gifts. On your 30th anniversary you're supposed to receive a pearl and on your 40th you're supposed to get a ruby.

Plenty of room for interpretation

The traditional wedding anniversary gift focuses on a material and that's it. This gives the married couple a lot of room for interpretation. Paper to one couple may mean stationary. Paper to another couple might mean tickets to a major league baseball game. The nice thing about interpretation is that you can really personalize the gift. You can also get really creative. Let's look at some of the major anniversaries.

We discussed ideas for the fist traditional wedding anniversary gift. The next milestone in a couple's relationship is their five-year anniversary. For this anniversary, you're supposed to get your spouse something made of wood. This can include a new clock, a new piece of furniture or even a boat. Lots of couples choose to get joint wedding anniversary gifts. So, if you want something expensive such as a boat, you might want to suggest to your spouse that you make the gift a joint gift.

The next biggie is the 10th anniversary. If you're still sticking with the traditional wedding anniversary gift at this point, consider getting some kind of household decoration or a piece of jewelry. These days jewelry is made of virtually everything. If you don't want to wait until you've been married for 20 more years before you can get your spouse jewelry, get him or her a tin watch or bracelet. You can usually find these items at specialty jewelry stores.

The jewelry anniversaries

As we've mentioned before, if you're following the traditional wedding anniversary gift tradition, you don't get a piece of jewelry until your 30th anniversary, which is when you get a pearl. After that, you have to wait until your 40th for a ruby, 45th for a sapphire, 50th for gold, 55th for an emerald and 60th for a diamond. But, if you don't want to wait that long to give your spouse a piece of jewelry, go ahead deviate from the traditional wedding anniversary gift.

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