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wholesale gift baskets

Wholesale gift baskets are primarily marketed to home based gift basket businesses and large corporations; in order to utilize a wholesale company, you typically need to set up a wholesaler account and provide them with your tax identification number. Wholesale gift baskets are a great way to make money, or to please a slew of employees during the holidays. If you do an internet search using wholesale gift baskets as your key words you will get listings of many companies that sell wholesale gift baskets and many companies that sell items to create wholesale gift baskets, if you are planning on creating your own for resale. These companies sell everything from the baskets or buckets to the stuffed animals and the candy that go in them. Most also have a section devoted to the trimmings that include the celophane and bows and ribbons. Some wholesale gift baskets are offered on sites that also offer you advice and tips on how to make a career by selling gift baskets. They give helpful tips and techniques for those who want to start a gift basket business and some also have message boards for other potential entrepreneurs to chat amongst themselves. This type of site is designed to cater to the consumer that already has a website set up and is ready to start selling the baskets, but does not want to put them together. All you need to do is visit these sites, order their wholesale gift baskets, and when they arrive, label them with your company name and place them in your storefront or on your website. A good place to find sellers of wholesales gift baskets and their individual items to put in to your gift baskets is the directory at the National Specialty Gift Association. The NSGA is a resource center for those who wish to sell gift baskets, and their website offers articles and tips on everything from starting your gift basket business to appearing at trade shows and how to make your best basket for every occasion. Remember, with all the suppliers out there, wholesale gift baskets can be made in many shapes, sizes and with many different offerings. When setting up a gift basket business, you do not have to limit yourself to a specific type and may choose to offer baskets for every function. Wholesale gift baskets can be a great investment if you have what it takes to make your business grow!

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